Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first GoldCraft Factions Reset. This Resets will be happening every 2 months and cash prizes will be given out to the top 3 factions on the server. With the success of the server we will increase prices however, for the meantime the top 3 faction prizes for these 2 months will be listed below on this post.


The prizes will be given to the faction leader and it's up to the leader and the members to decide how and if they will be splitting up the winnings between the members of the faction. The reset for th...

By hontiris1, 2 months ago
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This are the 3 winners of the March Payout rewards. Thank you everyone for participating, the winner's names will be announced below next to the prize according to their corresponding rewards.


Factions top 3 Players Prizes

By hontiris1, 3 months ago
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The official GoldCraft Factions server has been released, countless of hours have been put into the project and will keep getting updated, bugs being fixed, adjusted for our community to enjoy and never run out of content. With the release of the new factions server i would also like to announce that we will be giving prizes at the end of the...

By hontiris1, 4 months ago
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The GoldCraft Staff Team would like to present to you our new server trailer. We would also like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to @Splerfy for all the hard work and dedication he put into this masterpiece. He's rendered this video atleast 7 times and it clearly shows. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the official GoldCraft YouTube for more server related content.

By OCCKhex, 4 months ago
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Hello everyone, Welcome to the new GoldCraft website. Here you will find everything you need regarding Survival Wars, Skyblock, Factions(Soon to come), and also Prison (Soon to come). While on the server, the player will have access to numerous means of entertainment some of which are a global shop, player auction house, trails (donators only...

By OCCKhex, 4 months ago
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