Announcement The First Factions Server Reset (Cash prizes)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first GoldCraft Factions Reset. This Resets will be happening every 2 months and cash prizes will be given out to the top 3 factions on the server. With the success of the server we will increase prices however, for the meantime the top 3 faction prizes for these 2 months will be listed below on this post.


The prizes will be given to the faction leader and it's up to the leader and the members to decide how and if they will be splitting up the winnings between the members of the faction. The reset for this very first one will be happening 4/25/2020 because of how much money we've already invested in current running advertisements. The winners for the Top 3 Factions will be announced on June 30th, 2020 so good luck to everyone!


Factions top 3 Faction Prizes

The winners will be chosen from the /f top command, you can find the current top 3 Faction leaders NPC's at spawn as well!

  1. $150 - Paypal or Store
  2. $100 - on our Webstore
  3. $50 - on our Webstore

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