Promethasine's Temporary Ban Appeal

 Started by promethasine

IGN - Promethasine

Banned for Racism and Claiming Spawn

I'm writing this unban appeal because I dont have time to wait 36,498 days to play gold craft again.  If you do the math it comes out to about 99 years give or take.  I understand that I was extremely racist.  I am also fully aware that claiming spawn is unacceptable and uncalled for when clearly there was some sort of outside issue with spawn claims and I took advantage of that.  I also was probably banned for telling Heah to kill themselves alot which is also uncalled for.  I was upset because they killed me with custom enchants that spawn like way too many mobs that make it hard to fight the players because of all the mobs.  If unbanned I promise to be a model player and hold myself to the highest of standards.  Thank you

By promethasine, 3 months ago

You will stay banned, already gave you a second chance but you decided to keep trying to dupe. I patched your little dupe though.

By hontiris1, 3 months ago