Temp ban for language

 Started by Flobot1234

First of all. I was not in the survival server by choice as the factions server was down. I swore by accident and immediately apologized. Kind of bullshit

By Flobot1234, 3 months ago

Eveyone was advised when they all came in that this is survival and not factions and that we have rules.  Everyone was warned numerous time about the language and they continued. Enough was enough.


By GamGram, 3 months ago x 1

So you resort to banning when an honest mistake is made?

By Flobot1234, 3 months ago

Not even a server ban, you banned me from even joining

By Flobot1234, 3 months ago

All the players have been unbanned, this was just a big miss understanding.

By hontiris1, 3 months ago