Accepted Ban Appeal

 Started by _Jay2

I was banned for freecam using creeper eggs/killaura


You can hit through corner blocks, which malia had. You can see my feet stick through the block too. In no instance was I using creeper eggs in that video. If you think the explosion is from creeper eggs, its from greater impact on my axe, as it does explosive damage when I hit an unarmored opponent. No creeper eggs were used


I'm making a ban appeal for 1 week because the ban is for something I didn't do. I shouldn't have to sit out a week because I used a minecraft mechanic where corners are registered as air, and because I'm mctop axes 2 and my axe does explosive damage when I hit an unarmored opponent


Also, it says I combat tagged her. If I used a creeper egg it wouldn't have combat tagged her. Further evidence it was my axe and greater impact.

By _Jay2, 3 months agoLast edited: 5 days ago

I just tested with you on our skyblock server and what you are stating is not true according to what we just tested.

By hontiris1, 3 months ago

Decrease ban time at least. I did not freecam creeper egg, and I'm not sure why the corner thing works for Kami and I but not you.


Numerous instances of people using hacks but only being banned for a day. 

By _Jay2, 3 months agoLast edited: 3 months ago

Unbanned by ban expiration, locking thread.




By Splerfy, 2 months ago