Denied Akairo1's Ban Appeal

 Started by Akairo1

Username: Akairo1

Why I was banned: 

banned multiple times for the same toxic behavior and continuing to do so after each tempban is up.


Duration of ban: 1 month

Gamemode: Survival

What I will do differently from now on: I will admit I was being very toxic at the time, though as the night went on I do admit I did cool down, however, at the time, the people I was in contact with, or being toxic to, were rather aggravating, such as wanting to pvp, pouring lava on me in there land where i could not act, and other teases that would obviouslly show the want to get a reaction out. Its been nearly 20 days into my ban and I have realized I am sorry. I can gurantee you this will not happen again, I will keep my distance from them , as well as not contact them, and if so, in a friendly manner. Thank you.

By Akairo1, 3 months agoLast edited: 5 days ago

Hi Akairo1,

Due to the history of your 5 violations within 1 month, your appeal has been denied. Please wait out the rest of your ban.

In the future refrain from x-raying on top of being disrespectful to staff.




By Splerfy, 3 months ago x 1