Closed Kamisurugi Ban Appeal

 Started by Kamisurugi

I understand the offenses my faction members have committed. I also understand that my video seems suspicious, but I believe I have been banned unfairly, simply due to being in the same ban wave as my faction members.


The video I was banned from shows me hitting Tankerlaner while he is invisible. The issue is, I’m close to him. You can tell by the way my head is positioned that I am looking at his feet, where particles emanate. The distance I am from Tanker is more than enough to see particles.


At first, I do not see him. It is only until I turn around, I realize I see particles, and take a double take. This is further evidence that I did not hack to spot Tankerlaner.


I would like to address my ban sentence as well. If staff still decides my clear lack of hacking as punishable, I do not believe I deserve a three-week ban. I’d like to address Karkexx’ ban as well. He is a three-time offender, and yet he has the same sentence as I do.


Please contact me on discord if you would like to further discuss these details, both pertaining to my ban and my issue with the sentence.

^ this is the video I was banned for. 


By Kamisurugi, 2 months agoLast edited: 5 days ago

I will reach out and discuss this with you later today on discord Kamisurugi.

By Splerfy, 2 months ago