Denied PB_NoName Ban Appeal

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So Gam Banned me about 4 hours ago, and I have thought it over now. I am super sorry and obviously I should not have done that. I do deserve a ban but I think three days is a bit extensive. Gam has given people less time bans for more serious actions, I think she just doesn’t like me. I got banned for destroying lands around someone’s base, but that is around my base too, in the wild. Johto Joseph built next to my base without my consent blocking me from claiming anymore land, which is also a violation of the rules. I have tried telling the mods, but it seemed less important. This does not excuse my actions but I was just acting out of anger, it was irrational. I never was rude to Gam about the ban, I didn’t even argue when she did it. This is my first ever offence. My actions were wrong. I know that, it will never happen again. I am truly sorry, if you could just review my case and get back to me that would be great. 


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Responding to PB's remarks.  I'm delighted that you thought it over and are truly sorry for what you were involved in and that you have accepted your actions were wrong and I don't think you will ever do anything like this in the future..  

I have always and still do like you and have helped you in the past when you were griefed during the Akairo/Wyomming destruction of your property - which they were given a ban of 30 days.  If you remember when Akairo came back on I was there with you to make sure all would be okay.

I have never heard that JohtoJoseph was encroaching on your land, you were only worried about Akairo encroachment.

You have never been rude to me and have always been very pleasant to talk with.  I've enjoyed having all of you teens on the server.  You've been enjoyable to have around.

Yes, this is your first offense - you had a chance to tell me the truth when I talked with you today and denied any knowledge of who could have done this.

After all the time and people I've had to talk to trying to make sure the right person was punished and then involving Hont to use a program to go thru and find out who placed all the obsidian, I don't feel that the 3 days is a lot.

I look forward to having you back with no hard feelings or problems from me.  It will all be in the past.  I hope you understand that.  

I look to other mods to add their thoughts.

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