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He was one of a kind sad to see him go. If you ever planning to come back let me know. You will be again the true owner of realcity
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Looks amazing @Splerfy! Can I get your autograph???

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Lands Guide

What is lands?

Lands is a world claiming plugin that allows you and your friends to protect your valuables and builds. In lands, the objective is to build and create towns, cities, or just your own personal home. Lands is focused on Survival, but also has some PvP aspects added into it with the land wars option.

Starting a Land

You'll want to type the command /l create (Land name) to make a land. You can name your land anything, as long as it follows the server rules and doesn't exceed 15 letters long.


Soooo, I have a land.. now what?


There's so much you can do with lands! You'll want to start by claiming your area and then setting a land spawn so you can easily return.

To do these things, you'll want to use /l claim and /l setspawn

  • /l claim   (This will claim the chunk you are standing in, a 16x16 area. This will make sure no one can do anything in that area without your permission.)
  • /l setspawn (This command costs $25, and will set a spawn point for your land. You can return to your spawn by using /l spawn (land name)

Once you have your first piece of land claimed and a spawn, you're ready to start setting up your base and inviting other players. This is where things can get a little more complicated, but this guide should be more than enough to get you going.


In lands, the most important thing is creating a group and keeping your items and builds protected. Through a combination of areas and roles, you can accomplish both of these things while keeping everyone's items and builds safe from eachother, as well as outsiders.

Before we delve too deep into permissions and areas, you need to know how to invite someone to your land. Lands uses a simple GUI that will allow you to easily issue commands.


To access this GUI, simply type /lands (or /l)


That will open this menu: https://gyazo.com/53e7730a8717078918d5b84df217ac7a


You can see TWO types of lands here. The lands displayed with a grass block are your own personal lands that you are the owner of. The lands displayed with a dirt block are lands that you're simply a member of.


Since this guide is about creating and maintaining your own land, we'll ignore the dirt block lands and move right into the land that we own. In this example, we'll use the land RealCity.


Hover over the land you wish to select, it should look like this: https://gyazo.com/f1391ec82d2b9ccca85dde4b397fb269


and then left click. (Right clicking will display info about your land, it's owner (you) and it's members.)

This will open the main menu for your land. From here you can do A LOT.



To invite someone, click on the Book and Quill labeled "invites". It should open a menu that looks like this: https://gyazo.com/378d06eef3a0fdf44ee2bb01e7c0ce0e

simply click the GREEN arrow at the bottom middle of the GUI, and then type their name in chat.


Once they've been invited, all they need to do is type /l accept (land name).



Now that you have your first member

However you want to run your land is up to you. You can create areas and roles to govern who can do what and where in your land. These are very important to ensure the safety of everyone's items, and to make sure no one griefs or steals from the land.


Creating roles

To create a role, you simply open the lands menu for your land. (type /l then click your land.) You can create as many roles as you want, and assign permissions to them. Some of the things you can edit are a role's ability to open chests, build, break, open doors, interact with redstone, attack players or mobs, etc.


Creating areas

Areas can be any size you want, as long as it is within the boundaries of your land. To create an area, you will again open the /l menu, click on your land, and then select "areas". This will prompt you in chat to type the name of your new area.

Once you've named your area, you will want to select the areas borders. To do this, you will type:

/l selection

This will then prompt you to Left click a block for POS 1, and right click a block for POS 2. The space between your two selections will now be assigned to your area by typing /l selection assign (area name).

Areas are important because you can assign specific roles to people in your land that apply only in that area. So if you create a role called "Citizen" that can access everything, and then create a role called "Guest" that can only do a few things, you can then assign people those roles in each area individually, meaning someone can access everything within their house, and everyone else will only be able to access the things you want them to access.


Land Taxes

Using the lands menu, you can create taxes for your land on a global level. These taxes will be charged however your set it and go into the land bank. You can withdraw and deposit in the land bank with /l deposit ($Amount) or /l withdraw ($Amount).

You can also set taxes on an area level. Simply navigate to the "areas" tab in the menu, click on the area you want to apply a tax to, then click on the gold bar to set a tax.


Land Settings

You can navigate to the land settings menu through the lands menu. This will allow you to toggle things like PvP, TnT, creeper explosions, and even access to your land by outsiders.


Land Wars

Land wars can be started by a land owner. This will enable pvp in the two lands and allow the enemy players to place ladders, vines, and open doors / interact with redstone. When at war be careful to keep in a safe location or be ready for a fight at all times. While they can't take your items from your chests, they can take items off your body!

To start a war, type /war declare (enemy lands name).

You can set a tribute that the other land can pay to end the war with no violence.


If you find any mistakes or errors, have a question or comment, feel free to let me know in the comments!

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Welcome to the New GoldCraft Website

Great work on the website Khex, looks clean!

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