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ali5893 (Karkexx alt) hacking

Hello all, 

The following video shows ali5893, (well known to be a Karkexx alt account), using kill aura during a fight with Morsachu.


The video should be pretty self-explanatory, but to simplify it, you cannot swing while drinking potions. Unless you use hacks, that is. 


There's really no defense for this. 

By the way... this video implies not only that Karkexx avoided his 1-week kill aura ban, but also that he used kill aura on another account a few days later. But I'm sure HEAH will deny that strongly.


27 days ago

Obliviouscraft Tracers/Truesight, Killaura

And don't try to claim that defaming Jay is necessary because he has bad intentions. I (44mitch27) was the one that clipped all of this and I ASKED JAY to post it for me because I had no idea how to work the forums. You're just trying to take advantage of the fact that a previously banned player is posting on the forums. Not relevant whatsoever. 

about 1 month ago

Obliviouscraft Tracers/Truesight, Killaura

Incredible how more than half of Grandpa's defense is trying to dirty Jay's name so nothing is taken seriously.. How about you focus on the actual videos and try to explain how he could be swinging one way and look another before he's finished with his swing? You completely skipped over the last frame of Video 3, on purpose I suppose. Convenient to hide behind Jay's past and the length of the videos isn't it? Still waiting for an explanation.

about 1 month ago