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Hello GrindKing, thank you for posting your ban appeal here. I will get the two alts you mentioned above unbanned shortly. Please keep in mind that server rules allow for only 3 accounts per player (one main and two alts).

16 days ago

Slay____ , Pandable & Tankerlaner using MobAura

Report accepted, Slay____, Pandable, and Tankerlaner have been banned on Factions for 1 week with the option to appeal via the forum.

17 days ago

Rude and unneeded

Situation resolved via Discord, closing topic. 😁

about 1 month ago

Server Events

I'm taking suggestions for server events! Post your ideas below and let's get the ball rolling on some fun things on GoldCraft!

about 1 month ago

IMboog survival Xray/possible stealing

Image received from Cooleo6435:

about 1 month ago